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Polar bears at Yorkshire Wildlife Park take to the ice

The polar bears at Yorkshire Wildlife Park have been given five tons of ice to play in as a half term treat.

The park's four polar bears plunged around in the mountains of ice Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

A consignment of ice was delivered to the park after a donation from The Ice Co.

The park’s four polar bears, Nobby, Nissan, Pixel and Victor, based at the ten-acre Project Polar Reserve, gleefully plunged around in the mountains of ice.

Our polar bears absolutely loved playing around in the ice. They were in their element. It was a real Half Term treat.

It’s such an amazing idea and great for our animals to be able to play with the ice now the snow days seem to be over.

Polar bears do not need ice and snow all year round. In the wild during the artic summer they may spend five to six months in an ice free environment.

– Kim Wilkins, Yorkshire Wildlife Park Carnivore Team Leader

The YWP animal ranger team and volunteers from The Ice Co spent almost two hours offloading five tons of ice cubes.

Together they created three mountains of ice cubes, the largest was almost 4ft high.