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Man jailed for life for murdering homeless man in Scunthorpe

A man has been jailed for life for murdering a homeless man in Scunthorpe.

Raymond Ward died after suffering horrific head injuries Credit: Humberside Police

51-year-old Raymond Ward - who was a father of two, died after he suffered horrific head injuries in July last year - his body was later found in a derelict house in Cliff Gardens.

Dion Hendry has been sentenced to life in prison for murder Credit: Humberside Police

Dion Hendry, a drug addict, pleaded not guilty to murder - but following an eight day trial he was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 18 years.

Raymond Ward's body was found in a derelict house in Cliff Gardens Credit: Humberside Police

Raymond Ward's brother Jon Ward said in a witness statement read out in court: "The opportunity for us as a family to deal with Ray's issues has forever been destroyed by Dion Hendry. He has not only murdered Ray, but also taken away any hope that we may have had to heal our family.

"We have no sympathy for Dion Hendry. We know his history. We know his is yet another wasted life. We feel for his family and the absolute shame he has brought upon them.

"As a family we have had to live with the torture that drug abuse has on a family. We sympathise with all of the families that suffer this way. Very few though see their son, sibling, or father murdered. It is devastating. We know that we can never undo anything now."

Dion Hendry was found guilty after an 8 day trial Credit: Humberside Police

Throughout this eight day trial Raymond Ward’s family have had to endure some graphic and upsetting images of the scene and of Mr Ward.

At the time of his death Mr Ward weighed a mere 51 kg and had been known to have suffered a broken back in recent years which made him particularly vulnerable.

Dion Hendry pleaded not guilty to this offence which in no small part has added to the distress Mr Ward’s family have had to go through.

“This was a difficult and complex case and I hope today’s verdict brings some comfort to the family who have been so dignified throughout the trial.”

– Detective Chief Inspector Christine Calvert of Humberside Police’s Major Crime Team