Pay back £100k drugs money or face extended jail sentence, judge tells Sheffield dealer

Anthony Mullen Credit: South Yorkshire Police

A 58-year-old drug dealer from Sheffield has been ordered to pay back more than £100,000 or expect an extended jail sentence, after a hearing at Sheffield Crown Court on Monday (25 February).

Anthony Mullen, formerly of Rotherham, made over £400,000 from drugs trafficking offences and money laundering, it was revealed at the Proceeds of Crime Act hearing.

The judge ordered Mullen to pay back a total of £102,239.89, made up of seized cash, vehicles and property belonging to him.

Otherwise, he was told he would face a further 12 months in prison.

Mullen is already serving a nine-year prison sentence for possession with intent to supply Class A drugs, which he was served on 12 July 2018.

Detective Constable James Harding, the investigating officer for the case, said South Yorkshire Police were "incredibly pleased" to see a "career criminal" face justice.

Having seized Class A drugs from Mullen's house and vehicle, he said: "It is right that Mullen does not benefit from his criminality in the future."

“This man has gone under the radar for a number of years and is a career criminal, he has made a lot of money from his criminality and justice has now been served.

Detective Constable James Harding