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Fire crews called after Labrador gets stuck in mud at country park

A Labrador who got adventurous while exploring a country park had a lucky escape after becoming stuck in the mud.

Credit: MEN syndication

Three fire engines had to be sent to rescue adorable Benji when he got trapped at the Waters' Edge Country Park in Barton-Upon-Humber, Lincolnshire.

His owner was also pulled into the mud after him.

The sorry-looking dog was helped out of the sticky situation by crews from Humberside Fire and Rescue Service and was hosed down to clean mud off him.

Credit: MEN syndication

Fortunately, Benji was unharmed and was able to be reunited with his worried owner, who said:

So Benji managed to slip into neck deep river mud, pulling Mummy with him.

"Needed to be rescued by @HumbersideFire. Mummy is extremely grateful to them."

– Benji's owner

The golden Labrador was more of a chocolate colour after he was pulled from the soft mud with his legs and belly coated.

A spokesman for Humberside Fire and Rescue Service said:

"We received a call about the dog around 11.42am on Wednesday, March 6.

"Three engines were sent from Barton, East Hull and Central Hull stations in order to provide the specialist equipment and skills needed to free the dog.

"Firefighters climbed down the bank and assisted the dog out of the mud. He was thankfully uninjured and was safely reunited with his owner."

– A spokesman for Humberside Fire and Rescue Service

Benji seemed to remain upbeat during his experience, only becoming downcast after he'd been hosed off by firefighters.

The Water's Edge Country Park is near the Humber Bridge and borders onto the River Humber, with the river's edge becoming muddy as the tide recedes.

It is enjoyed by people from around the area for its stunning views across the estuary.