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Chesterfield woman groomed as a teenager by an older girl speaks out

Samantha Owens Credit: ITV News

A woman from Chesterfield who was groomed as a teenager by an older girl to be sexually abused has spoken out to raise awareness.

Samantha Owens' story is a story of a childhood stolen in the worst way imaginable. But it is one that she feels needs to be heard.

She has written a book called Pimped about her personal experiences of abuse which also sheds a light on a wider network of exploitation.

Samantha Owens Credit: ITV News

After being removed from her parents, Samantha led a nomadic existence in the South Yorkshire care system. Never in one place for very long, she became increasingly lost.

Into that void stepped Amanda Spencer, an older girl who groomed her and bought Samantha clothes and other gifts.

I looked to her as a mother figure, I saw her as my best friend, I loved her and she was the only thing I had.'

– Samantha Owens speaking about Amanda Spencer
Pimped Credit: ITV News

At the age of 13, Spencer took Samantha to a house full of strange men where she was raped. This was just the beginning of a pattern of abuse that went on for two years.

Amanda Spencer made money from selling Samantha for sex and was later jailed for running a child sex ring.

In 2014, Spencer was convicted of preying on a number of young girls and selling them for sex. She was jailed for 12 years, a further three following another trial in 2017.

Seeing her locked up was a moment of overwhelming relief for Samantha.

I think she's away from everyone now and even people that have not come forward maybe they will one day, maybe they will have the guts to stand up to her.'

– Samantha Owens
  • We should warn you that you may find some of the details in Sam Casey's report upsetting.