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Woman who sang to John Lennon as a child takes a trip down memory lane

Karen Spence singing Happy Birthday to John Lennon Credit: Karen Spence

A woman who met the Beatles as a child at the Bradford Odeon 55 years ago has gone back to the venue to share her memories of the experience.

In 1964, The Beatles were appearing at the Bradford Odeon and held a press conference in their dressing room to launch the start of their new tour.

Karen Spence, who was five at the time, went to the press conference with her father, who was a journalist.

She was given a memorable invitation to sing Happy Birthday to John Lennon to mark his 24th birthday.

Karen Spence with John Lennon Credit: Karen Spence

The dressing room where the Beatles held their press conference back in 1964 was uncovered during a refurbishment of the Bradford venue. The room has been inaccessible for fifty years.

Karen Spence took a trip down memory lane and to the theatre on Thursday, March 28, where she revisited the original room and reminisced about her special time with John Lennon and The Beatles.

Karen Spence with the Beatles Credit: Karen Spence