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WATCH: Big Mac takes a trip into space

Credit: 'Killem' (Youtube)

Tom Stanniland, a YouTuber who has nearly 3 million subscribers, uploaded a video where he ate a burger from out of this world, literally.

Tom sent the McDonald’s Big Mac into space from Sheffield and it fell back to earth almost 200 miles away at the Colchester United football ground.

Tom attached the burger to a weather balloon and sent it skywards.

After a long trip into space the balloon popped and sent the Big Mac spiralling back down to earth.

It landed at the training ground of League Two club Colchester United in Essex.

Colchester United's groundskeeper, who made the discovery, was puzzled until the YouTuber called the club to explain.

The 29-year-old, known online as Kill'em, said in a video posted on the club's Twitter account:

I sent a burger into space using a weather balloon.

"It's gone about 24 miles up, weather balloon popped, it's come back down, over 100 miles, and it's landed right here."

– Tom Stanniland

Mr Stanniland explained that the box, sent up to space with a GoPro camera, was also fitted with a tracker.

He said:

We lost connection with it when it got so high.

"It's crash-landed here but in the morning the groundskeeper found the box, turned it upside down, the tracker got connection again, we've found it and just followed it."

– Tom Stanniland

He travelled from his home in Sheffield to collect the space burger from Florence Park in Colchester, Essex, on Wednesday.

Tom said he wanted to see what the burger tasted like.

His review:

"That's not nice."

– Tom Stanniland

He added that the burger, which was dry, powdery and frozen after its out-of-this-world journey, was:

"Drying my mouth out."

– Tom Stanniland