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Man on the run after using DIY tunnel to evade police in Leeds

The hole the suspect escaped through. Credit: West Yorkshire Police

Police are searching for a wanted man who evaded capture at his home by dropping into an escape route under the floor.

The suspect managed to escape while officers waited at the front door.

West Yorkshire Police said the man had "installed a metal swing bar to reinforce the door creating more time to escape under the floor leading to a neighbours house."

The DIY tunnel which led to a neighbour's house was discovered after officers were forced to use hydraulic cutting equipment to get inside.

In a tweet the Leeds West team said: "Bolt hole that’s one way to do it. Wanted male who refused to answer the door then dropped into his diy escape route. 1-0 to him but we will arrange a rematch soon."

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Responding to a commenter, the team said: "The hunt continues, can’t win every time."