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West Yorkshire Police will not investigate allegations against Sir Gary Verity

West Yorkshire Police confirmed that they will not launch a criminal investigation into allegations of financial misconduct by Sir Gary Verity while he was Welcome to Yorkshire's Chief Executive.

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The force confirmed that it had met with representatives of Welcome to Yorkshire and was aware of the allegations made against Sir Gary. A spokesperson from West Yorkshire Police said:

An independent investigation, including a forensic audit of the company’s accounts, is being commissioned by Welcome to Yorkshire.

“It has been agreed that the full findings of this independent review will be shared with West Yorkshire Police and if at any time evidence is identified of criminal offences this will be brought to the immediate attention of West Yorkshire Police."

– Spokesperson from West Yorkshire Police

Sir Gary is reported to have paid back around £40,000 to Welcome to Yorkshire after making "errors of judgement" with his expenses.

Responding to the police force's decision, former Sheffield council leader Lord Scriven said the force had:

taken at face value the word of the very organisation who have overseen the poor governance and financial control that has led to at least £40,000 being claimed when it shouldn't have.

"I feel that WYP haven't carried out their full duties and dealing with this within the framework set down to deal with potential fraud cases."

– Lord Scriven
Credit: ITV

Liberal Democrat peer Lord Scriven added: "I may now have to refer this to the Independent Office Police Conduct."

Responding to the claim Sir Gary repaid £40,000 in expenses before quitting, a spokeswoman said:

Expenses were submitted in the ordinary course and signed off.

"However, on review it was agreed that some errors had been made and Sir Gary was content to agree to voluntarily reimburse Welcome to Yorkshire for monies owed."

– Spokeswoman for Sir Gary