Three men jailed after 65 year old man 'viciously' beaten during burglary

Borge Bradwell, Daniel Charnock and Gavin Dyball Credit: Humberside Police

Three men have been jailed for almost 40 years for their parts in a burglary and a 'vicious attack' on a 65 year old man.

Daniel Charnock and Borge Bradwell went into the victim's house in Cleethorpes and demanded he hand over cash.

When he did not they attacked him with a baseball bat causing him to fall to the floor where they continued kicking him in the abdomen.

The men then left the victim seriously injured on the floor and escaped with more than £10,000 which he had been collecting as part of a workplace lottery.

Borge Bradwell, 40, of Watford Avenue, Grimsby, and Daniel Charnock, 38, of Corporation Road, Grimsby, pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary and were each given a 16-and-a-half year sentence in prison.

A third man, Gavin Dyball, 35, of Churchill Way, Grimsby, was found guilty of burglary following a four day trial. He was sentenced to five-years and ten months for his involvement.

The attack happened on Wednesday 4 July 2018.

These men showed no remorse or care for the victim, who they viciously attacked and stole from.

Detective Inspector Kerry Bull, Humberside Police