The wife of a missing Whitby man has appealed for her husband to come home, saying the family is heartbroken.

Forty-six-year-old Peter Brown went missing from Scarborough on the afternoon of May 8th.

A further sighting was made of a man police believe to be Mr Brown on May 12th at around 11.50am in Burniston. A man resembling him was seen walking next to Burniston Motors Garage, near to the junction of the A171 and Limestone Road. However, despite extensive searches of the area, police were unable to locate him.

Mr Brown is about 6ft 1in tall and of muscular/athletic build. He is unshaven and his hair is a greying/brown colour, which is slightly thinning.

He was last seen wearing a blue hoodie underneath a blue waist length jacket, loose grey cotton jogging bottoms, and blue Nike trainers and may have been wearing a blue baseball cap.

Since his disappearance he may have changed into a pair of blue jeans. Police believe that Mr Brown may be sleeping rough and so may appear more dishevelled than in his pictures.

Natalie Brown made a direct appeal to her husband

Pete, we miss and love you so much. We are heartbroken and desperate to have you back. Please get in touch and come home to us.”

Natalie Brown, wife

She went on to appeal directly to the public of Scarborough and Whitby, asking them to stay vigilant for any sighting of her husband.

To everyone who may be driving or walking in the areas where Pete was last seen, please be vigilant for any sign of my husband. If you see him or have any information which may help the police find him, please ring 101 and pass that information on. We just want to have him back with us. Thank you.

Natalie Brown, wife