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Lost prized pigeon rescued by theatre staff in Doncaster

A prized racing pigeon that had gone missing has been rescued by theatre staff in Doncaster.

Perry the champion pigeon was rescued from outside the theatre by staff Credit: ITV Yorkshire

The bird was found outside the Cast Theatre stage door on Monday night.

Following a performance of The Lady Vanishes, bar staff noticed the pigeon in a distressed state.

The bar team set to work on a make-shift home for their new feathered friend, furnished with water, blankets and oats.

Upon closer inspection the rescuers saw a tag on the bird’s leg and managed to track down its owner only to discover it was a prized racing pigeon that had got lost on its voyage from Ipswich.

One of the bar staff offered to look after the creature who they have named Perry the Pigeon.

We were really worried about the little bird looking so sad.

There was something about him, we all sensed he was special, but we had no idea he was a racing champion.

We’re just glad to offer him somewhere to rest his wings. He’s warm and looking much happier.

We’re sad to see him go home, but we hope to visit him when he’s back home in Ipswich.’

– A spokesperson for the Cast Theatre