Claire Throssell: Hundreds run in memory of boys killed in deliberate South Yorkshire house fire

Hundreds of runners of all ages turned out today to race in memory oftwo young brothers who were murdered by their father.

The 2k fun run in Penistone, South Yorkshire was to raise funds forthe Heads Together Barnsley charity which helps families in times ofneed.

It was founded by domestic abuse campaigner Claire Throssell after hertwo sons, Jack , aged 12, and nine-year-old Paul were killed by herestranged husband Darren Sykes during an access visit in October 2014.

Sykes, who also died, had lured the boys into his attic on the promiseof looking at a train set, before locking them in and starting firesin the house.

Claire Throssell and Christine Talbot with Jack and Paul’s friends. Credit: ITV News

The now annual event has raised thousands for the charity and wassupported by hundreds of local residents, including old friends of hertwo sons, who now in their late teens (photo with me and Claire)

Our presenter Christine Talbot was on hand to present the medals andtrophies, donated by Dransfield Properties of Stocksbridge, South Yorkshire.

Since the boy’s death Claire has gone on to campaign to change thelaws on domestic abuse, to cover coercive and financial abuse and sheis also fighting for changes in the Family Law courts so that moreaccount be taken of the child’s wishes when custody arrangements arebeing decided, particularly when a parent is considered violent orpotentially dangerous.

“I cannot describe what it means to have the support of my local Penistone community, who turn out every year to be at this event, no matter what the weather. Without them I could not have carried on. Jack and Paul would be so proud”

Claire Throssell