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WATCH: Overtaking Jaguar driver misses ambulance and bus by inches

This is the shocking moment a Jaguar nearly collides with both an ambulance and a bus after a overtaking manoeuvre.

The ambulance was carrying a patient at the time, but more people could have been left needing medical treatment after the driver's actions.

Dashcam footage from the ambulance car shows the black Jaguar pull out into the middle of the North Lincolnshire road.

The Jaguar driver appears to hesitate after pulling out and seeing the ambulance car as they travelled on the A161 between Haxey and Epworth in north Lincolnshire.

However, the footage shows the driver speed past the bus - missing both vehicles by a matter of inches.

The Jaguar was filmed on a downhill section of the 50mph road, around 25 minutes' drive from Scunthorpe.

However, the Jaguar's number plate and driver's face are not visible in the video.