Fire crews deal with flooding at Pilgrim Hospital as bad weather hits region

Pilgrim Hospital Credit: @granthamfire

Heavy rainfall has caused problems in Lincolnshire with some parts of the county already having seen more than a months rainfall in just 24 hours.

The Environment agency has issued a flood warning for the River Waring in Horncastle which is running high at the moment.

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Dozens of roads are flooded in Lincolnshire and some are impassable.

Pilgrim Hospital in Boston Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Fire crews were called to the Pilgrim Hospital where they have been pumping flood water from the boiler house.

Grantham fire crews have released these pictures of them "protecting the critical infrastructure" alongside Lincolnshire fire and rescue teams.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue tweeted that their crews are very busy dealing with a high number of calls due to the heavy rain.

Gusts of up to 50 mph have been reported along the Lincolnshire coast . David Pitches tweeted this picture of a tree which has been brought down by the wind, blocking a road in Mablethorpe.