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Woman who faked having cancer to defraud charity ordered to pay back more than £26,000

A woman who pretended to have cancer to defraud the charity she worked for has been ordered to pay back more than £26,000.

Patricia Robertshaw Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Forty two year old Patricia Robertshaw was jailed for almost four and a half years in March, after she took sickness pay from Yorkshire Cancer Research. She had been working as an events manager at the charity in Harrogate.

She falsely claimed she was being treated for the disease herself.

Robertshaw's actions were described as "astonishingly unethical" by North Yorkshire police, and she's now been told to repay the money or face a further twelve months in jail.

This is the most abhorrent fraud case I have investigated in 25 years of being a police officer. It’s absolutely incomprehensible that anyone could lie about having such a serious illness.

Everything about the way Robertshaw conducted herself during this fraud is astonishingly unethical. It was a callous and calculated crime to try to trick her former employer – a charity that works for the good of real cancer patients and uses donations made in good faith to fund life-changing services and research.

Fortunately though, the charity detected that something was amiss and that led to an extensive fraud investigation by North Yorkshire Police.”

– Detective Constable Shane Martin, North Yorkshire Police