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Huddersfield couple jailed over murder of three year-old son Riley Siswick

Three-year-old Riley Siswick died after being injured by Kyle Campbell. Kayleigh Siswick was found guilty of causing or allowing his death

A woman has been jailed after she was found guilty of being complicit in the death of her three-year-old son – as her partner was locked up for his murder.

Kyle Campbell inflicted fatal abdominal injuries on toddler Riley Siswick at their home in Huddersfield in February 2016.

But rather than seeking medical treatment, Riley's mother Kayleigh Siswick chose to protect her boyfriend.

Riley was found dead two days later.

Campbell, 27, was found guilty of murder by a jury at Leeds Crown Court. He was sentenced to life in prison and told he must serve a minimum of 20 years.

Siswick, also 27, was convicted of causing or allowing Riley's death. She was jailed for seven years.

During the trial the jury had heard how Riley was injured in his abdomen by Campbell "either from a fist or by jumping or stamping on him or by striking him with an object".

Robert Smith QC, prosecuting, told the jury the blow had injured Riley so severely his bowel was severed, spilling his stomach contents internally, which caused peritonitis - a life-threatening infection.

The day after the attack, Siswick kept Riley home from nursery and he spent the whole day lying on the sofa. He vomited several times throughout the day.

Neither Siswick nor Campbell raised the alarm about the boy's acute and deteriorating condition, which "would have been obvious" to anyone.

Instead they claimed he only had a stomach bug.

Campbell found Riley dead in his bedroom on the morning of Saturday, February 6, 2016 before telling Siswick to 'check on him'.

Riley’s whole body was stiff and rigid, suggesting he had been dead for hours.

The judge said Campbell's actions were "an appalling act of selfish cruelty which condemned Riley to a slow and painful death and deprived him of any residual chance he had of survival".