Emergency services have began rescuing people from homes in Wainfleet as floods continue to cause damage to properties.

Around 70 homes in Wainfleet are thought to have been swamped in the deluge after the River Steeping burst its banks on Thursday.

Up to 50 firefighters and several police officers have been called to the scene as part of efforts to reduce the flow of water from the river.

The RAF has also sent in a Chinook helicopter to drop sand in an attempt to fill the breach stop the river from flooding any further.

But there are fears a further 720 homes could be at risk.

Homes believed to be most at risk are those on Matt Pitts Lane, Brewster Lane and Hastings Drive.

Residents in those areas have already been asked to leave their homes, with many of them going to the Embassy Centre in Skegness or Coronation Hall and others being taken in by relatives.

Some residents believe the flooding is much worse than it was in 2007 Credit: Editorial

This is much worse that it was in 2007. Flooding is becoming somewhat more frequent as you don’t get gradual showers, it’s something a little more sudden. If I’m asked to leave my home than I suppose I’ll have to for my own safety, but it’ll be a little tricky as my wife’s not doing too well.

Robert Portell, Resident