Farmers counting cost of Wainfleet floods as 200 acres of one crop field remains waterlogged

Floods have ruined a field of crop in Wainfleet Credit: ITV News

A farmer has admitted "there is literally nothing we can do" but accept a write-off of up to half his crop, following recent flooding in Wainfleet.

Paul Willoughby is expecting a vastly reduced yield from his oilseed rape and wheat fields this harvestime.

Mr Willoughby fears the damage to his crop could mean losing more than half his income.

Paul said the plants were quickly dying off.

"The flag leaf should be filling the grain," he explained. "It should be vibrant green, but is starting to go brown."

The flag leaf should be green, not brown. Credit: ITV News

Meanwhile, in Westminster, the Prime Minister today pledged the government would "offer all assistance where required" following the floods.

Theresa May also praised the emergency services, the military, and the Environment Agency for their response.