Clean Air Day 2019: Initiatives across the region

Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Clean Air Day is a nationwide campaign urging people to commute by bike or public transport to raise awareness of the dangers of air pollution. Events are taking place across the region to encourage people to ditch their cars - after it emerged Yorkshire is one of the worst regions for air quality.

  • Sheffield

Nether Edge Primary and Watercliffe Meadow Community Primary School are hosting 'Clean Air Day' initiatives, which include the closure of roads adjacent to the schools. It aims to encourage as many families as possible to leave their car at home and choose an active way to get to school.

Research shows that air pollution is responsible for around 500 deaths a year in Sheffield, and damages the health of many more people – with children being particularly vulnerable to lung damage.

  • Barnsley

Barnsley Hospital, along with Barnsley Council, is having an air pollution information stand. Hoped to raise awareness of anti-idling and the health benefits of low air pollution. Hospital staff will be encouraged to take a Clean Air Day pledge.

Summer Lane Primary and St Mary's CE Primary schools will also be having a Clean Air Day assembly, before both schools have their sports day. School children will learn about clean air, air pollution and healthy ways to travel. They'll be encouraged to do things like walking, cycling or taking the bus, and to ask their families to do the same.

Credit: Barnsley council
  • Shipley/ Bradford

Year 6 school children in Shipley will be working with Bradford University to build their own air quality monitors.

As part of the innovative project, the University will run a workshop where pupils will learn about the science behind air quality and the importance of everyone playing their part in minimising their impact on the environment.

They will then work in groups of six to build their own Luftdaten monitors, before trying to connect to the council's network for sending readings to a cloud server.

Credit: ITV Yorkshire