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Chip shop arsonist who set himself on fire is jailed

A man has been sentenced to over five years in prison following an arson attack at Abbey Fisheries in Selby.

Lubos Filek, 40, from Selby, caused over £100,000 of damage to the property back in March - turning his own body into a fireball as he fled the scene on Leeds Road.

He turned his own body into a fireball as he fled the scene Credit: North Yorkshire Police

North Yorkshire is safer when criminals like him are behind bars.

– Detective Constable Peter Smith,

Luckily, fire crews managed to prevent the blaze spreading to the neighbouring properties.

Filek was sentenced at York Crown Court, where he refused to justify his motive.

He was caught by police after DNA checks were performed on smouldering remnants of his clothing found in a nearby alleyway by police.

Detective Constable Peter Smith, who led the investigation, was thankful the fire was contained to just the fish shop.

Lubos Filek has been sentenced to five years in prison Credit: North Yorkshire Police

The huge blaze started by Filek could have caused untold damage to innocent people and neighbouring buildings. It’s surprising nobody was seriously hurt or killed.

The fire spread very quickly – so quickly in fact that it appears to have caught Filek totally by surprise as he ignited himself along with the building.

– Detective Constable Peter Smith,