Police are appealing for information after a flock of rare sheep were found abandoned in a field near Harrogate earlier this month.

32 Hebridean sheep, including a mixture of rams, ewes, and lambs, were discovered on Brackenthwaite Lane, in Pannal, by the landowner at around 9am on 3 July 2019. Tyre tracks were evident in the field.

The flock is described as being in poor condition with no markings, apart from one ear tag. However, police said efforts to track the tag number have proved unsuccessful.

PCSO Matthew Cockerill, part of North Yorkshire Police’s rural taskforce, said it was "definitely one of the more unusual situations I've experienced".

"It's very sad that a group of animals would be abandoned like this with no consideration for their safety and welfare.

“We don’t know what circumstances could have led to the sheep being left in this way – whether they have been stolen and dumped or whether their owner was no longer able to look after them.

"We hope that we can find whoever is responsible and ensure the flock has a secure home for the future. In the meantime they are being looked after by a local farmer.”

Anyone who has any information about these sheep should call 101.