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Environmental protestors stop construction work at North Lincs power station

Environmental protestors have stopped construction work at a gas-fired power station in North Lincolnshire - which they claim will contribute to climate change.

Demonstrators climbed cranes at Keadby 2 site near Scunthorpe Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Around 15 demonstrators from the 'Reclaim the Power' group blocked gates and climbed cranes at the Keadby 2 site near Scunthorpe.

Energy company SSE, which is investing £350 million in the project said it is working with the police to resolve the situation and when it is built the power station will be the cleanest, and most efficient gas-fired power station in Europe.

  • Harry Owen 'Reclaim The Power'

Chief Inspector Lee Edwards said: “We have a police presence at the site to ensure public safety and to try and minimise any disruption to the local communities, while still allowing individuals their right to freedom of assembly, association and expression.

“We have closed Chapel Lane and have a police cordon in place at the construction site to assist with the ongoing protest and to maintain everyone’s safety, which is our main priority.

“One woman has been arrested at the site on suspicion of obstruction of the highway and obstruction of a police officer. She remains in police custody at this time.

“We are liaising with all those directly involved or affected and we will continue to do so, to prevent any disorder and to make sure the protest remains peaceful.”