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Schoolboy poet teaches the bullies a lesson or two on Autism

"I'm Just Me:" Kenzi Jupp

A poem written about autism by an 11-year-old boy from Chesterfield has been adopted as a teaching aid.

Kenzi Jupp wrote his poem "I'm Just Me" about living with Asperger's. It became an internet hit and won first-prize in a young writing competition.

It's one of many he's written - in one anti-bullying poem entitled 'Cool Kids, Cruel Kids' Kenzi shames his tormentors who said those wishing to join their gang had to make him cry.

Sarah Clark's been to meet Kenzi and his mum, Amanda Pearce.

Cool kids/Cruel kids

You think you are the Cool kids But you’re just being Cruel, kids You’re the Bullies in the school, kids

Cool kids, Cruel kids You’re the real fools, kids When you gonna learn that- Bullying’s not cool, kids!

Cool kids, cruel kids Come and join our gang, kids But only if you agree, kids and follow all our rules! Kids

If you want to be a cool kid, You have to be a cruel kid, You have to hurt the little kid Or the one that’s on his own, kids

You have to make him cry, kids But you mustn’t tell him why, kids You’ve been so mean to him, kids, Only then we’ll let you in, kids

But listen up to me, kids, Instead of being fools, Kids Let me have my say, kids It’s not too late to change, kids,


You’re really not so, Because cool kids are the school kids Who always help the little kid, Who Include the one on his own, kids,

Who always try their best-kids To help the ones in need-kids, Be friendly to the new kids, The ones that try hard with their work-kids,

The ones that listen to other kids, The ones that are polite-kids Don’t bully others or fight,kids

The kids like you and me-kids Who are friendly, kind and helpful kids To each and every school kid,

Yeah! We are the REAL cool kids! and that’s really cool, don’t you agree? Kids?

– Kenzi Jupp