Bridge now in place in flood-hit area of Swaledale

The temporary bridge was transported up to the remote spot in Swaledale Credit: North Yorkshire County Council

A temporary bridge is now in place a week after flash floods damaged crossings, roads and properties in the Yorkshire Dales.

Last week floods swept through areas of the Yorkshire Dales. Fast-flowing water carrying debris, including large rocks, damaged bridges, roads, farms and other property.

The structure will replace the damaged Cogden Beck crossing on the B6270 which links the upper dale to Richmond. Work has also started at the site of a second bridge, Cogden South Bridge, on the C106 at Grinton Moor, which was swept away by torrential water.

Damage to a bridge in the Swaledale area of North Yorkshire caused by flood water Credit: Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team

A steel pipe will be lowered into the beck upstream from the ruins of the bridge, which will form the basis of a road diversion parallel to the damaged bridge.

Reconstruction of a permanent masonry bridge, similar to the one destroyed, will take place at a later date.