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Knife possession crimes by women and girls up 82% in South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire saw a rise 82% over five years, with 248 knife possession crimes involving women and girls. Credit: PA Images

The number of women and girls committing knife possession crimes in South Yorkshire has risen by 82% over the past five years.

New figures show this type of offence has gone up by 10% each year since 2014 in England.

Between 2014 and 2018 there were more than 5,800 female knife possession crimes recorded. 1,509 happened last year, which shows an increase of 73% over five years.

In South Yorkshire 248 of these crimes were recorded over five years.

Increase recorded by South Yorkshire Police
Increase recorded by Merseyside Police
Increase recorded by London Metropolitan Police
Increase in Greater Manchester

Almost a quarter of knife possession offences involved girls under the age of 18, with the youngest aged seven.