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Calendar Weather - Rest of the weekend - Blustery with sun and showers

Woodthorpe, Alford on Saturday Credit: DARYL KNOWLES

It reached just over 23 degrees Saturday afternoon in the sunshine. Similar temperatures on Sunday but winds will be a little stronger and there's a few more showers in the mix......


A dry evening for most, with any daytime showers dying out. Variable cloud and clear spells expected overnight although further isolated showers are possible, especially across the Pennines. Winds easing but a breeze remaining. Cool in shelter. Lows 9°C.


Rather breezy, with scattered showers and sunny spells, especially by afternoon. Showers may become quite heavy at times, with a chance thunder. Highs 20-22°C.


Sunny or clear spells and scattered showers most days, some heavy, although a lot of dry weather is expected. Winds easing in strength, and turning rather chilly by night.