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UK Weather Forecast: Calendar update with Kerrie

There's a lot of 'hot gossip' about an incoming heatwave for the bank holiday weekend. We need to take this information with a pinch of salt. The Met Office outlook suggests a 'calmer and slightly warmer' theme towards the end of the week - but southern and eastern parts of the UK are currently best placed for the more favourable conditions.

In the meantime, with low pressure dominating our weather story, it's the familiar mix of showers or rain and sunny spells.


scattering of showers around through the evening, but these will become largely confined to parts of North and West Yorkshire overnight, with lengthier clear spells developing further to the east and south where it will feel chilly in shelter. Remaining breezy overnight. Lows 9°C.


Another day of sunshine and showers, although a good number of places should remain dry throughout. Staying breezy but feeling pleasant enough in the sunshine. Highs to average at 20°C.


Showery again on Tuesday, but with lighter winds. Further showers on Wednesday ahead of thicker cloud and more general rain later. Drier and brighter on Thursday.

ABOVE: Forecast for Lincolnshire, NE Derbys., North NOtts, South and East Yorkshire

ABOVE: Forecast for North, West and South Yorkshire