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Stolen blind hedgehog found by dog walkers

The owner of a blind hedgehog stolen four days ago has spoken of his relief after the animal was returned unharmed.

Frank Tett, 80, said Stephen the hedgehog was discovered still inside his carrier box by a couple walking their dog near a park in Leeds on Wednesday.

Mr Tett feared the animal would never be returned after it was taken along with his van from a market in Albion Street on Saturday morning.

But on Wednesday, his wife, Veronica, 78, received a phone call to say Stephen was alive and well.

Stephen the hedgehog Credit: Andrew's Hedgehog Hospital

Mr Tett said: "My wife answered the call and just burst into tears. We had both come to the realisation that he was probably dead.

"I just can't believe it. Miracles do happen. I think he had been watered and fed a bit because he was not starving when we collected him.