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Mega jail set to be built in East Yorkshire village

Controversial plans for a new mega jail to be built in the village of Full Sutton, East Yorkshire, look set to be approved at a council meeting.

The proposals have faced opposition from local residents who have raised concerns about the social impact of the prison on the village and the surrounding areas.

Campaigners have organised a demonstration to take place outside the councils offices in Beverely when the meeting takes place.

Objectors have listed numerous concerns, including a “significant security risk” from the potential for inmates. There are also worries about inmates being allowed out into the local area on unaccompanied day release.

Artist's Impressions of Full Sutton prison

However, planning officers have said the new prison would provide a major economic boost to the area, creating well-paid jobs throughout construction and after.

“The proposals are also a significant employment related development, creating more than 700 new jobs. “The landscape and visual impact of the development would inevitably cause some harm in the early years of development, particularly when viewed from Moor Lane."

The total number of inmates at the new facility and the existing prison would be around 1,440. Up to three times greater than the village’s 470-strong population.

Inmates would be housed in the mega jail.
New jobs could be created.

According to a report to councillors, a council traffic consultant concluded that the development should not have a severe impact on local roads, apart from increased queues at the traffic lights in Stamford Bridge.

Humberside police have also lodged concerns about the plans.

Proposals for mega jail Credit: MoJ

The proposed new prison will provide greater opportunity for offenders from the region to be held closer to their home areas, which is an important factor in reducing re-offending rates.

“The decision to promote a new prison at Full Sutton is based on a national priority of promoting modernisation and efficiency in the operational prison estate.

– The Ministry of Justice

The MoJ has claimed the jail will provide a major economic boost to the area, creating well-paid jobs throughout construction and after.