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Castleford man who recorded his own domestic abuse offences jailed

A man from Castleford has been sentenced to more than 11 years after an attempted assault on a woman which he recorded on his own CCTV.

28-year-old Stefan Carr received his extended sentence at Leeds Crown Court, for offences including an incident in May in which he seriously assaulted a woman in his property.

Carr pleaded guilty to an attempted GBH assault, as well as two prior assaults against another female victim in other incidents.

Stefan Carr Credit: West Yorkshire Police

The court heard Carr subjected one of his victims to a three hour ordeal at a property on Carlyle Crescent in the early hours of Sunday 5 May, 2019.

The 28-year-old had rigged his home with CCTV cameras which captured the full incident, providing footage which proved a factor in his guilty plea.

Among the offences shown in the footage was that of Carr preparing a noose, which he then hung the victim from.

The incident came to an end after the victim was able to flee from the suspect after he had forced her into a van parked outside.

A neighbour alerted the police and Carr was arrested.

Detective Chief Inspector in the case said:

"Carr subjected his victim to a lengthy and terrifying ordeal and we welcome his sentencing at Leeds Crown Court today.

His victim was truly put in fear of her life by the violence of his actions, and we commend her bravery in both escaping and in supporting the prosecution against him.

We are glad his guilty plea has saved her the ordeal of providing evidence, but it must be noted that the strength of the case against him did in part come from Carr effectively recording and documenting his own criminal acts.

Hopefully his victim will now take some comfort from seeing him put behind bars."

She added:

We would always encourage victims of domestic abuse to come forwards and contact us. We can promise that all reports will be dealt with sympathetically and fully investigated."

– Vanessa Rolfe, Senior Investigating Officer