Yorkshire sausage farmer claims nation's pork supply under threat

A Yorkshire sausage maker has claimed the nation's pork supply is under threat, as a swine fever outbreak in China has led to increased demand for the meat.

The disease has caused the loss of more than 300 million pigs, which represents a quarter of the world's pork supply.

Andrew Keeble, who co-founded the sausage and burger company Heck, says this growing demand from China will also impact on the prices in local shops. He is now campaigning for pork protection.

Our pork price has jumper from £1.85 a kilo for pork to £2.70 in the past month and it’s a huge industry wide issue. The reality is that this is a problem that will be here for at least a year. We are not only hostage to China organising a huge restock of its herds but there’s a very real chance swine flu could come to Europe and the UK as well.

Andrew Keeble, Heck

However, other local farmers say they are sceptical about the claims.

Prices might rise a bit but there won't be a shortage. Farmers will always respond to market forces. We produce our own pigs so Moss Valley will always have sausages. A lot of company have tie ins with suppliers so it's more your sort of cheaper end sausages and catering sausages that are just brought in from anywhere in the world that might suffer.

Stephen Thompson, Moss Valley Fine Meats

You can hear more about this issue on Made in Britain which will be on ITV 4 at 8pm tonight.