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Calendar weather update with Kerrie

SUNDAY NIGHT: Outbreaks of rain gradually easing through the evening as drier conditions move in from the southwest. Clearer spells developing, and with winds decreasing some patchy fog is likely to form. Chilly rural lows down to 4°C.


A dry start with fog patches gradually dispersing. Any brightness is likely to be limited to the morning as increasing cloud eventually brings the chance of rain from the south late afternoon and early evening. Highs struggling to get to average at 13°C.


Drizzle and rain clearing on Tuesday, then gradually brightening up. Clouding up midweek with rain and strong winds arriving. Clearing later and into Thursday - bright, breezy with scattered showers.

ABOVE: Forecast for North, South and West Yorkshire

ABOVE: Forecast for Lincolnshire, East and South Yorkshire, NE Derbyshire