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Peacocks in Doncaster village to be left as free birds

Peacocks and peahens at the centre of a row in a South Yorkshire village are to be left alone, despite complaints from some local residents.

For decades the village near Doncaster has had the birds roaming freely around the neighbourhood. However, some residents were asking for them to be culled claiming they were pests - creating mess and damaging cars.

Finningley Parish Council chairman Richard Johnson said there was no way the birds would be killed. He said: “The Parish Council has never ever considered that. It is not stated as an option in the report.”

Peacocks have been in the village of Finningley for decades Credit: ITV Calendar

A name petition with over 300 names was set up in support of the birds, with some residents calling them a tourist attraction.

Following a parish council meeting in Finningley to decide the future of the muster of peacocks. The council agreed to take no further action against the colourful birds.