Leeds United are celebrating their 100th anniversary with a series of events, including a free party for fans in the city centre.

A blue plaque has been unveiled at the Salem Chapel where the club was formed. Calendar sports reporter Chris Dawkes was there.

A brief history: The club was formed on October 17th, 1919 following the disbanding of Leeds City F.C. by the Football League.

Then a Second Division team, Leeds City had played only eight of their matches for that season, the first following World War I, when they incurred the displeasure of the Football Association. Illegal payments, former players turning whistleblowers, and missing financial documents, all added up as the FA and Football League held a joint inquiry, before permanently disbanding the club.

At a meeting of clubs called by the League, the out-of-work footballers were offered to the highest bidder: auctioned, in fact.

In the hours following the auction at the Metropole Hotel, footballing patrons the Crowther brothers, together with 1,000 Leeds City supporters, headed to the Salem Chapel in Holbeck, where they gave football back to Leeds when they helped to found the present Leeds United Football Club.