A pensioner attacked by a dog in Leeds has spoken of the horrific attack for the first time. We must warn you the following report contains a graphic image of Mary Rollinson's injuries.

The 73-year-old was walking on Engine Fields in Yeadon in August when the dog launched the attack. She was left with severe injuries to her face, arm and back - and lost half her finger.

But she says she owes her life to five men who used a stick to fend off the dog - then distracted it with it. The stand-off caught on mobile phone footage.

Still recovering from her wounds, Mary has now had a surprise visit from two of her rescuers - both men denying they were heroes and saying 'anyone would have done the same'.

Mary Rollinson was left badly injured

It was a lovely quiet day. Something made me turn around to go home - then suddenly - everything went blank. They risked their lives to save me - I was desperate to meet them when I found out.

Mary Rollinson