The mother of Ben Needham has vowed to keep on fighting for the truth about what happened to her son, as the family mark what would have been his 30th birthday today.

The family have set up a dedicated Facebook pagein the search for Ben.

The family post regular updates on their campaign on Facebook Credit: HelpfindBenNeedham
Today would have been his 30th bithday Credit: ITV Yorkshire

The 21-month old disappeared in July 1991 on the Greek island of Kos - there has not been a trace of him since.

Kerry Needham Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Three years ago Kerry Needham was delivered the devastating news that police believed he had died on the day he went missing - killed in an accident with a digger.

But she still has no definitive answer. Mark Witty reports.

Your 30th birthday is a big milestone isn't it and realistically we should be doing something like a surprise birthday party for him or something like that but this year again it's another birthday without him and it's another birthday not knowing where he is."

Kerry Needham, Ben's mother