Huddersfield University students vote to remove Prince Andrew as chancellor

Members of Huddersfield Students' Union have passed a motion to lobby the Duke of York to resign as the university's chancellor and will consult on how to take it forward.

The motion was tabled in October but was discussed on Monday evening after Andrew's "car crash" interview with the BBC, in which he discussed his links to billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

It said:

A statement released by the union on Tuesday said that, after the unanimous passing of the motion, its staff would work with the university to see how it could be taken forward.

The university previously gave its backing to Andrew but said it would now work with students on how to proceed.

A spokesman said:

In relation to the allegations directed at the duke, he said the university had "nothing further to add".

Andrew was made chancellor of the university in July 2015.