A woman from Boston, who was hit by a flare during a Liam Gallagher concert on Monday, fears she will be scarred for life.

Stacey Andrew, who is 27, was left badly burnt after the flare went off in the crowd and set her clothes on fire.

Stacey first thought she had been hit by a cup with a drink in it, but soon realised this was not the case.

Stacey had gone to the Sheffield gig at the Fly DSA Arena with her partner Callum Mutton, who also received hospital treatment.

The former Oasis frontman has reached out directly Stacey on social media after hearing what had happened, urging her to get in touch.

Liam Gallagher has expressed his disappointment at Monday night's events. Credit: Liam Gallagher/Twitter

Police say they are set to speak to Stacey and Callum.

We are aware of an incident that occurred at on Monday 18 November at the Fly DSA Arena on Broughton Lane, Sheffield.

South Yorkshire Police

Arena bosses have apologised for the incident and say they are reviewing procedures regarding flares.

We are extremely sorry that two customers were injured by the actions of a fellow concert goer whilst attending a show at the Arena. The irresponsible behaviour of the concert goer who threw the flare along with any other people within their party who were aware of the possibility of their actions cannot be condoned and they should be held accountable for their actions.

Dominic Stokes, Head of SIVLive who runs the FlyDSA Arena

Meanwhile, a top fire chief has slammed Manchester Arena security staff for not confiscating flares at the door after they were set off in the crowd during another Liam Gallagher gig on Wednesday.

Deputy Chief Fire Officer Dave Walton, who was off-duty when he attended the concert with his daughter on Wednesday, said the pyrotechnics presented a danger to public safety.

Mr Walton, from West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, said at least half a dozen flares were set off during the gig.

I was surprised to see flares and smoke canisters used. At least half a dozen went off, all from the standing area. They are dangerous. They are very hot at the tip. There would be a concern for anyone in close proximity to them, there is a risk of injury. I was shocked. I have never seen them indoors.

Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Dave Walton

Bosses at the venue confirmed that flares are prohibited from Arena gigs and if they were found on people they would be confiscated.

Manchester Arena has rigorous security procedures in place which are continually reviewed in conjunction with the police and the security services.

Manchester Arena Spokesperson