Lincolnshire brothers win award after speaking out about domestic abuse

Two brothers from Spalding have been given an award for Outstanding Contribution to Public Service by Lincolnshire Police.

Luke and Ryan Hart were recognised after demonstrating an outstanding ability and commitment to speaking out about domestic violence and abuse following the death of their mum Claire and their sister Charlotte, who were killed by their dad.

Claire and Charlotte had moved out of the family home, to what was hoped to be a new start and a place of safety. Despite their father’s controlling nature they had never considered their lives to be in danger, they had never considered that they were victims of domestic abuse – as their father was never physically violent.

Since this heart-breaking experience, Luke and Ryan have demonstrated an outstanding ability and commitment to speaking out about domestic violence and abuse. They have worked tirelessly to raise the profile of controlling and coercive behaviour.

Both Luke and Ryan were pivotal voices in the Domestic Homicide Review that followed, and faced the local media on its publication on 29th November, 2018.

They worked to encourage victims, who may not have identified the abuse yet, or may be living with the situation, to come forward and seek support.

Luke and Ryan spoke at the county’s domestic abuse conference in November 2018 and have since launched their own organisation, Coco Awareness, published a best-selling book and have become White Ribbon Ambassadors and Refuge Champions. They are speaking regularly at events nationally and internationally.

Luke and Ryan received the award as part of Lincolnshire Police’s annual recognition awards.

The awards recognise outstanding contributions from officers, staff and members of the public.