UK Weather Forecast: Calendar weekend update

ABOVE: Forecast for North, West and South Yorkshire


Heavy rain will spread from the west overnight with hills shrouded in cloud. Rain will clear to occasional showers during the early hours of Sunday. Becoming very windy, with gales over exposed hills, and feeling increasingly chilly. Lows 5°C.


Blustery showers will be occasionally heavy with risk of hail and thunder, possibly wintry over hills. Sunshine is likely between showers. Feeling cold with strong winds or gales. Highs 8°C.


Sunshine and blustery showers Monday morning, turning drier, less windy later. Milder with heavy rain, strong winds or gales on Tuesday. On Colder again Wednesday, windy and showery, wintry over hills.

ABOVE: Forecast for South & East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, NE Derbys. and North Notts.