'We need to get a grip' says former Lab Home Sec David Blunkett

As the Labour Party continues to lick it wounds following devastating losses across our region and the country, former Home Secretary and Labour MP for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, David Blunkett, has been reflecting on what he thinks went wrong in the election. And he also hinted at who he thinks should be the next Labour leader.

  • Listen below to his interview with ITV correspondent John Shires

We need to get a grip. I mean we have tried in Yorkshire to speak as it is for people to listen and understand where people were coming from but the National party heavily based and rooted in London failed to heed us. Now is the moment where we say enough is enough, we need to be part of that real change within the labour party and be connecting with the people we claim to represent."

Former Labour Home Sec David Blunkett