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Council investigating after almost two tonnes of waste dumped at recycling banks

The council says it is gathering evidence after nearly two tonnes of fly-tipped waste was collected from recycling sites around North East Lincolnshire.

Bin crews reportedly “took 30 minutes to clear the rubbish at some sites” on Friday morning before they could empty the bins.

Credit: North East Lincolnshire

Some sites even had piles of boxes and bags strewn across the ground despite the bins being only half full.

Credit: North East Lincolnshire

A spokesperson for North East Lincolnshire Council said:

Crews were out at 7am today clearing fly-tipped rubbish from recycling banks across the borough.

"In some cases it took 30 minutes to clear rubbish that had been dumped illegally. All sites were cleared by 10am.

"Enforcement officers have found evidence at some of the sites and are investigating.

"At several sites, officers found that the bins still had space inside and much of the fly-tipping consisted of black bags of domestic waste which cannot be taken to the bring-to sites.

"Crews can't empty the bins until the fly-tipped rubbish has been cleared. They have emptied bins at many bring to sites this morning and will continue to empty bring-to sites bins throughout the day. All sites have a scheduled collection for today."

– North East Lincolnshire Council

The post-Christmas fly-tipping follows warnings from the council ahead of the festive season that they would be monitoring the bring-to recycling banks around the area after issues with excessive holiday rubbish in previous years.

To combat fly-tipping at recycling sites, they are monitored by CCTV and have signs in place to warn people about fines.

There are also regular patrols by enforcement officers.

North East Lincolnshire Council is advising people to either return to the bins later if they are full or take any extra rubbish to the Community Recycling Centres in Estuary Way, Grimsby, and Queens Road, Immingham. These are now open every day except New Year’s Day.

Earlier this month, five recycling banks were closed for either being underused, vandalised or a magnet for fly-tipping. Some of the sites had been used to illegally dump heavy items such as fridges, as well as building waste and food.

Sites at Morrisons, Duke of York Gardens, the Fishing Heritage Museum, and Poplar Road in Healing were among the others removed, with a plan to remove or relocate another three on Garibaldi Street, Welholme Road, and Great Coates.

Fly-tipping is a crime and the council investigates all incidents, with anyone who is caught risking a £400 fine. When the council finds enough evidence that can be used, offenders will be taken to court.