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Christmas Trees turned into presents for lemurs at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Discarded Christmas Trees have been given a new lease of life as enrichment toys for the lemurs at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

The trees have been given to the lemurs as enrichment toys Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Rangers delivered the trees to the one-acre Lemur Woods reserve for the enjoyment of the endangered ring tailed and red bellied lemurs.

Those working at the park say the lemurs are transfixed with the trees Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Like us all after the Christmas season the lemurs really enjoyed getting out and about and playing around in the trees. It is wonderful to see the trees being used to enrich their lives now they are no longer needed. We have more than enough to go around and don't need any extra.

But they were a big hut in the woods. Lemurs are so mischievous anyway, so they were transfixed with the trees, which had been taken down elsewhere in the park. Visitors really enjoyed watching their antics.

– Greg Clifton, team leader of primates team at the park