Calendar Weekend Weather Update - Rain moving in. Very windy!


Cloudy and mild, with persistent heavy rain across the Pennines and outbreaks of rain elsewhere, although some eastern areas may remain largely dry. Very windy, with severe gales over high ground, but later the wind will start to ease. Highs to 12°C.

Rain for most areas during the evening, winds continuing to ease, heaviest across high ground. Overnight drier conditions will follow from the north, with some clear spells developing later. Lows over north and west Yorkshire down to 1-3°C.


Starting dry and chilly, but cloud will increase bringing showers or longer spells of rain. Some bright or sunny spells will occur, especially at first. Highs more like average at 6-8°C but feeling better in any sunshine with a breezy day rather than windy.


Unsettled! Monday and Tuesday may stay dry and bright, but heavy rain and gales for the evening and overnight periods.

Wednesday stays windy with sunshine and showers.

ABOVE: Forecast for North, West and South Yorkshire

ABOVE: Forecast for Lincolnshire, South & East Yorkshire, NE Derbys.