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Campaign group against building 600 homes on Greetland floodplain

Credit: Greetland Pressure Group

As the Calder Valley battles against flooding, a campaign group is protesting against 600 houses being built in Greetland on greenbelt land that acts as a floodplain.

The land currently acts as a floodplain. Credit: Greetland Pressure Group

More than 1,000 people are members of the Greetland Pressure Group on Facebook. They want the land below Saddleworth Road, which currently soaks up rain run-off, to be preserved.

Credit: Greetland Pressure Group

The Council says no sites have been finally allocated at this stage.

We're currently in the process of consulting on potential changes to Calderdale's draft Local Plan and we're encouraging people to have their say before the closing date of 5pm on Monday 24 February 2020.

The Local Plan has been subject to a Flood Risk Assessment and the Environment Agency has been consulted throughout the process. The method that the Council used to identify housing sites ensured that green field sites with the potential to flood were rejected early in the process. Where only part of a site is prone to flooding, the unsuitable parts are excluded from the developable area. Surface water run-off can occur on any site; however, sustainable drainage measures will ensure that wherever possible there is an improvement to the existing situation.

No sites have been finally allocated for development at this stage. Following this consultation period, the Local Plan Inspector will examine the draft policies, the suitability of individual site allocations and will consider all the responses which have been submitted during the public consultation.

– Councillor Jane Scullion, Calderdale Council