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Student found guilty of Branston double murder

Credit: Lincolnshire Police

A man has been found guilty of the double murder of his mother and her partner after two bodies were found at a house in the Lincolnshire village of Branston on August 5 last year.

Student Andrei-Mihai Simion-Munteanu, who is 22, killed 51-year-old Premm Leela Monti and 71-year-old Robert Tully at their home on Lincoln Road on 28-29 July. He was living with them at the time.

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Simion-Munteanu strangled his mother to death in her bedroom before killing Robert Tully by delivering several blows to the head with a hammer.

He had admitted the killings but denied charges of murder.

His defence team claimed he was suffering from a mental health condition and said the jury should convict him of manslaughter due to diminished responsibility.

The trial has been taking place at Lincoln Crown Court with sentencing to happen later today.