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Leeds town centre on lockdown after suspicious package found

Hundreds of workers have been evacuated from Leeds City Centre and roads are closed off after a suspicious package was found.

The army have also been called to the scene near Wellington Street and York Place following a call from a member of the public.

Matt Naylor, 46, works at HTC Architects on the corner of Britannia Street and York Place near the scene.

His building is right on the boundary of the cordon, although his office has not been evacuated.

I saw the police at about 11.30am and an officer was cordoning off the street.

"I opened the window and heard him say to a person on the pavement that there had been a suspicious package found.

"It’s unnerving to be honest."

– Matt Naylor

West Yorkshire Police said:

We have received a report of a suspicious package at a building in the Queen Street area of Leeds City Centre.

"EOD is attending to assess the situation but, as a precautionary measure, has advised an immediate evacuation of buildings in the immediate vicinity."

– West Yorkshire Police

Connor Hart, who works in one of the offices nearby, said:

We were told to leave our stuff and get out. A suspicious package has been found and our building manager told us to leave."

– Connor Hart

Police are going door to door and asking people to leave.

An officer at the cordon is telling people that it could be several hours before they are allowed to return.

Officers have also cordoned off King Street and traffic is being diverted.