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Rasputin takes a dip to celebrate International Polar Bear Day

Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

To celebrate International Polar Bear Day Yorkshire Wildlife Park has released pictures of its newest arrival, Rasputin, taking a dip in the icy waters in his new home.

The eleven year-old bear arrived at the park last month after travelling to Doncaster from the South of France.

Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

I am delighted how well he has settled in. He is really enjoying his new environment and has been making full use of the lake. It is wonderful to see how much he’s enjoying having so much space.

We are committed to our conservation work at the Park and through the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation working together with Polar Bears International. I think that Rasputin will be another great Polar bear ambassador.

He will help us move forward in our fight to ensure polar bears can ultimately survive the damage climate change is causing to their environment.

– Kim Wilkins, Carnivore Teamleader
Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Rasputin is set to join resident polar bears, Victor, Pixel, Nissan and Nobby in 10 acres of networked reserves and lakes after spending three months in quarantine.