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Calls for more support for project that helps dancers with learning difficulties

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The Talent Hub is one of the only opportunities in the UK for young people with learning disabilities to develop a professional career in the performing arts industry. Organisers are now calling for more support as funding is set to run out.

The group, which was set up in collaboration with Yorkshire Dance, has performed across the north. It allows young people who struggle to deal with emotion the chance to express themselves.

Two years ago the project received nearly £400,000 pounds in funding from the Arts Council but that money runs out later this year after a final performance in Leeds.

Team leaders say more needs to be done to support groups like this.

We have got talented dancers who have learning disabilities and autism and we need to find their way forward. The dance sector needs to recognise that as well and provide places in our conservatoires and training courses to allow these people to really carve out their careers.Tess Chaytor

– Tess Chaytor, Group Leader, The Talent Hub

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